East Africa
A well-made package anxiously awaits you in Tanzania & Kenya. Whether your interest lies in adventure, wildlife, culture or cuisine, the East African region, with its varied tapestry of majestic wildlife, Coastal Resorts and Island resorts in Zanzibar, lakes and landscapes, our travel specialists will ensure we have something for every traveller. Great offerings for holiday experiences, taken through the traditional 4×4 game vehicles or our well selected charter planes or cruise boats, are all done with finesse. With the geography of East Africa being often stunning and scenic, all our packages are shaped by this region’s global plate tectonic features such as the East African Rift Valley, the site of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Kenya, the two tallest peaks in Africa. With your allowance, we can also include the world’s second largest freshwater lake, Lake Victoria, and the world’s second deepest lake, that is Lake Tanganyika. Our intimate knowledge about the climate of East Africa is a unique ingredient in all our packaging for this region allowing us to offer one of the best migration routes alongside other package combinations. The high altitude and the rain shadow of the westerly monsoon winds created by the Ruwenzori Mountains and Ethiopian Highlands, makes it possible to package surprisingly a fine blend of safari and relaxation.
Countries in East Africa

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