West Africa
Our West Africa packages are inspired by variation always, because for every traveler, the fascination of travel fantasies is the reality in seeing how amazing and different life is across the globe. With this in mind, West Africa with all its mystic, alluring place names and sense of adventure is often ignored… but just waiting to be explored. From the typical exuberance of the Dakar Market scene in Senegal, to more amazing than mysterious Mali, our teams are always a pleasant surprise in packaging the best value travel plans for you, including a discovery voyage in Western Sahara and Mauritania! At Peaks Of Africa, we have packaged the real West Africa, the music, age old traditions, dances and the hard to track mystiques. From the two narrow strips of land between Nigeria and Ghana, Togo and Benin, to an easy and quick
trip across from the ever popular Ghana and its scenic Elmina and Takoradi coastal holiday spots, many of our packages are easy to combine with your travel plans. Inter country excursions are also possible as some main roads including coastal drives are good and you could get from Accra to Lagos in one day passing through both and border crossings are also manageable with reasonable ease. Given an allowance, we also package some interesting national parks, including exciting journeys through Cameroon. Even better if a cultural or educational safari is more your style, you will be spoilt for choice by the West African charm.
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