Zambezi Adventure Holiday – Victoria Falls & Hwange

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Days 1 – 2 | Victoria Falls (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch) 2 Nights

·         1 Night Accommodation at Kingdom Hotel Victoria Falls / similar

·         Activities – Sunset Cruise | Tour Of The Victoria Falls | Boma Dinner Experience

·         Canoeing & Rafting Day Trip

Days 2 – 8 | Zambezi River Rafting (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch) 6 Nights

Day 2 Rafting

·         We rise as the sun illuminates the towering walls above, to the smell of bacon and eggs on the fire.

·         Then, with all the equipment once more stowed securely for the voyage down stream, and a long day ahead of us , we cast off into a world of exhilarating action and scenes of remarkable beauty.

·         Its a hard working evening with two portaging around Moemba Falls.

·         We arrive at the Dam site around 4pm where we will have the second portage and camp right by the falls.


Day 3 Rafting (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch)

·         We will have a relaxed morning, downstream the towering waves of Ghost rider, the biggest commercially run-able roller coaster wave train in the World.

·         In the original exploratory trip on the Zambezi one of the rafters opted not to run the rapid and pushed his empty boat off into the current.

·         After surviving the Ghost rider rapid it will be the time to open our cooler boxes full of beers and start drinking as we will be drifting down small rapids.

·         We get to camp at about 16:00 after travelling about 20 kms.


Day 4 Rafting (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch)

·         There is no rush on this day and after breakfast, rigging the boats and a late departure from camp, we paddle past a set of small rapids before negotiating a more technical rapid named Asleep At The Wheel, and then drift into camp!

·         After departing camp we drift past Fish Eagle’s nests, negotiate rapids – Wave Train, Jay Bay, (similar to Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa – a popular surfing place), Bismark’s Territory, (home to a particularly large crocodile named Bismark!) and Smugglers Camp.

·         This is the biggest fisherman’s village encountered during the 6 day trip and the villagers are happy to show us around, giving us a glimpse at an astonishingly uncomplicated and simple lifestyle, totally free from the modern urban world we left behind some days ago.


Day 5 Rafting (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch)

·         The river really changes character. Basalt rocks give way to grassy banks and the grunts of vocal hippopotamus carry across the water.

·         Our rafts drift past islands in the river, havens for Egyptian Geese and basking crocodiles. After a couple of hours, we rendezvous with our vehicles near the Matetsi River mouth.

·         After packing up and deflating the rafts we head back to Victoria Falls by road, having lunch on route.

·         The journey back takes about 3 hours. After taking time out to unpack and freshen up, a group dinner and party is always a favorite option

6 – 10 (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch) 4 Night

·         4 Nights Victoria Falls Safari Lodge / Similar

·         2 Days Community involvement – school based community support / similar

·         2 Days Conservation Involvement – Lions / Cheetah conservation or similar

·         Batoka Gorge Trekking

Days 10 – 12 Hwange National Park (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch) 2 Nights  – Just +/- an hour’s drive from Victoria Falls

·         Morning Trekking 

·         Afternoon transfer for a 3 Nights’ stay at Hwange Safari Lodge

·         Game Drives – Big 5 – Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s biggest park and one of the top places to see predators like lions, African wild dogs and ever sought-after leopards.

·         Birders will delight in having 400 different species to tick off.

Days 12 – 15 | Victoria Falls (Dinner, Bed & Breakfast + Lunch) 3 Nights

·         1 Night Accommodation at Kingdom Hotel Victoria Falls / similar

·         1 x  Zipline & Gorge Swing

·         Bungee Jumping available at additional cost ($120.00 per person)

·         1 x Canoeing & Rafting Day Trips

·         Play a soccer match or any other possible sport, with a school on one of the last days


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